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WIMS Welding Information Management System - various welding engineering tools General 
BBC News Still the best News website around News 
Dilbert Visiting this site is a daily ritual for me. I have to admit that some of it just seems too familiar (or is it just me?) Humour 
Pearls Before Swine Another great site and my wife's favourite cartoon. Humour 
Prestwood Paradox Group One of the few sites currently active for discussing Borland (Corel) Paradox. Very informative. Forum 
BBC iPlayer Diagnostics Ordinary broadband speed testers don't always tell you how fast streaming will be. This is essential for troubleshooting iPlayer speed issues. Computing 
Faster Broadband Broadband and phone comparison site with speed checker General 
The Libel Reform Campaign Campaign to reform the UK's libel laws and protect individuals' right to free speech. Please support it if you feel able, General 
PHPgenerator SQLMaestro's PHPgenerator is not as comprehensive as PHPrunner, but it has a free version and produces fast running, solid, database-driven web applications. Computing 
PHPrunner Nifty piece of software that I use to develop PHP/MySQL database-driven web applications. Computing Excellent ADSL speed checker Computing 
MediaPortal Excellent, Free, media PC software for Windows. TV server can provide full TV services to any networked PC in your house. General 
Freesat All about the UK's free satellite EPG General 
BootDisk Good place to obtain boot disks for Windows and DOS Computing 
Cliff Park Community Church This is my church - "To Live And To Give The Good News" ! Christian 
E-Sword Bible Software Really excellent freeware Bible software Christian 
American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) Sensible site looking at the relationship between science and faith Christian 
Christ Church, Lowestoft Britain's most easterly church and a very good evangelical one at that Christian 
Aglow International, Lowestoft Lowestoft chapter of Aglow International Christian 
RealMaps My old site for mapping software for the Psion Series 5 and Series 3 pocket computers Computing 
AVG (Free Version) # 3=The old stalwart. Free for personal use, good detection, but no longer a low resource option Computing 
Avast Antivirus # 3= Fairly good antivirus with good removal and quarantine abilities. There is a free version but you have to reregister every year Computing 
Panda Cloud Antivirus # 1 Excellent free antivirus solution that works the way I predict most antiviruses will eventually evolve (ie. they check for legitimate signatures first and thereby are much better at detecting zero day malware) Computing 
Think Broadband Good site for comparing broadband ADSL services Computing 
123-reg My favourite domain registrars Computing 
UK Web Hosting My web hosting company - hard to beat their deals and excellent service Computing 
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