HP2605dn - Two Fixes

The HP 2605dn series printer is a fairly popular colour laser for home networks.
It does suffer from two nasty "features" however:-
  • In common with many printers, it gives up printing when you've reached a certain number of pages - regardless of how much toner you really have left.
  • The 2600 series suffer from fading red tones (and eventually the other colours as well
I have used the following two fixes successfully:

1. Toner Cartridge Pessimism

You can tell the printer to override the empty toner warning and carry on using it until you decide a toner cartridge has really run out.
  1. On the printer panel, select System Setup | Print Quality | Replace Supplies
  2. The selection asterisk (*) is probably on Stop at Out
  3. Press the right arrow once, and the display should read Override Out
  4. Press the green tick button. The asterisk (*) should now be beside Override Out
  5. Press the pink (X) exit button repeatedly to work back out of the menu. The LCD should now display Override in Use (if one or more of your toners has used up HP's estimated pages)
Thanks to Ryan Thompson for this tip.

2. Fading Red Toner

Turns out this printer has a design fault that causes dust buildup on the laser optics.

You can read more about this problem at the Reeves-Hall Family Website, though I actually used this pdf which is quite comprehensive.

Took me about 2 hours to dismantle the printer and effect the lens/mirror cleaning fix. 30 minutes to put the printer back together, and another 30 minutes to run the printer through its cleaning routine, calibration etc. and print some test pages.
I can confirm that this really does work - even if the dust coating on the optics looks insignificant!