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ATI/HDMI on Resume

I'm currently trying to troubleshoot issues regarding resuming a media PC from standby.

Sometimes the screen is black on resume. So far, I think I've learnt the following :-

  • There appears to be a problem with reinstating the HDMI connection from an ATI HD3400 DVI-HDMI
  • There may also be an impact from a Hauppage hybrid TV card, though I haven't confirmed this yet
  • A utility called HDMIon doesn't seem to help.
  • If I dual the display with a VGA connection to the same TV, I can at least still operate MCE by switching to the VGA connection.
  • Appears that there is some advantage in ensuring TV & Amp are switched to the media PC before attempting the resume from standby.
Currently testing :-
  • Changed the Windows 7 power settings to never switch off the monitor (seems to help)
  • Leaving the VGA connection attached (may prevent problems caused by the display resolution changing)
Update 6th Feb 2010 :-
  • Cloning the DVI-HDMI output with the VGA one and setting duplicate display on full resolution does appear to solve the problem. Unfortunately it also prevents playback of HD-DVDs due to the bizarre way that PowerDVD thinks it is helping prevent copyright theft <sigh>