Update on main site - Connecting Digital Yachts NOMAD AIS to Raymarine e95 via HF2211 device

posted 5 May 2021, 03:42 by Kevin Millican

New Website Launched -

posted 12 Jun 2020, 06:54 by Kevin Millican

Create this new site to make it easier to locate services on The Broads:-

Unlike other sites, this one lists places by distance so you can always see the closest one to you.
If you're moored up somewhere, you can easily plot a walking route to the particular facility you need.

3D Printing For Boat Maintenance

posted 21 Aug 2017, 14:55 by Kevin Millican

A while since I updated my blog (mainly seem to use FB these days) but have created a number of pages to illustrate boat-maintenance applications of 3D printing.

Tesco Photo Magazine

posted 6 May 2012, 07:03 by Kevin Millican   [ updated 6 May 2012, 07:23 ]

Tesco's "Photo" magazine cover Issue 1
I'm a bit af a grumpy old man these days; usually finding myself writing in to complain about trivial (or sometimes not so trivial) things that could be done better.
However, now and again, I find myself rather impressed at the things people do. This even stretches to companies now and again.

Today I picked up a free Photo magazine from Tesco, and I have to say it's very well put together. I'm not sure an enthusiast like myself will learn anything new from it, but it's a really excellent guide for the majority of casual users.
It groups cameras by application, ie. Everyday, Active (Tough/Waterproof), Advanced, Superzoom, Bridge, System, and DSLR) and explains the pros and cons of each type. Then it shows the range available from Tescos along with prices and specifications, before moving on to the next application type.

I think a lot of people interested in buying a new camera would find this really useful - good job.

Seat Exeo Armrest / Handbrake Design Fault

posted 6 Jul 2011, 11:58 by Kevin Millican   [ updated 6 Jul 2011, 12:16 ]

Damage to bumper of Seat Exeo caused by rolling back onto garage wall
I really like my Seat Exeo which I've had since last November. However, it does have a basic design fault that has cost me (or my insurers) nearly 300 pounds.

Actually, that could be a story in itself; can you really believe that's what it costs to repair a scratch like this ?

Anyway, the story :-

On returning from work, I parked my car on the driveway as usual, and went indoors. However, the handbrake was apparently not fully engaged and it must have rolled back whilst unattended. I was completely unaware this had happened until my wife returned about an hour later and asked why my car was touching the garage wall (!).

My driveway has a very gradual slope and the car had bumped the corner of the garage wall. This caused minor damage to the rear bumper on the nearside (at least I thought it was minor until the quote came through!) :-

Whilst this was my fault, there was a high contribution from a design fault in the Seat Exeo handbrake, which I have subsequently found has been noted by the motoring press:-

When the car is new, the handbrake can be fully engaged without touching the armrest. It can be a little awkward but the natural tendency of the human body is to adapt to this by using the elbow and the top of the armrest like a lever.

This works fine until the handbrake cable loosens over time, inevitably leading to a failure of the kind I observed. At this point, the driver is likely (as I have done) to change behaviour and always put the arm rest up before parking the car:-

Composite image showing how Seat Exeo armrest interferes with normal handbrake operation

It is very fortunate that the damage was only superficial – this was a “near-miss” incident that could have been much worse, eg. If a small child had been playing behind the car while it was parked.

If you know someone with a new Exeo, please point them to this page or send them a copy of the PDF attached below.

Stenaline : Harwich to Hook-of-Holland

posted 9 Oct 2010, 04:34 by Kevin Millican   [ updated 11 Oct 2010, 05:47 ]

This week I took the ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland, and drove to Antwerp with some gear needed for work I'm doing out there.

See :- Ferry Trip Set on Flickr

Overall, I was really impressed:
Taking the overnight ferry from Harwich let me get a good night's sleep and I was in the Office at Antwerp by 10.15am the next day.
Coming back was more interesting, but the real benefit of the ferry is actually travelling while you're asleep.
Accommodation in the cabin and public areas was excellent and meals/refreshments were much better value than airports.

Overall cost is much less than flying from Norwich, though I think I'd probably leave my car at Harwich and take trains in the Netherlands/Belgium if I go again.
The drive wasn't bad but you have to keep your wits about you because of the number of times you have to "keep left" or "keep right".

Faster Broadband

posted 1 Sept 2010, 17:12 by Kevin Millican   [ updated 1 Sept 2010, 17:31 ]

Opal now have LLU equipment on the Blundeston exchange, so I've had my first speed upgrade since Max in 2006.

Pleased to report download speeds of over 12mbps :)

Vintage Photographic Glass Plates

posted 13 Aug 2010, 11:51 by Kevin Millican   [ updated 13 Aug 2010, 12:00 ]

Just spent some time scanning some vintage glass plates belonging to my friend Ashley.

Most of them seem to be from the Norfolk Broads / East Anglia and taken some time between 1908 and 1930.

You can see these in two sets on flickr :-

Box 1 (Mostly Norfolk Broads)
Box 2 (Some Lakes and Hills + General including what appears to be a holiday in Gorleston-on-sea)

If anyone can help out by identifying any locations/people etc., I'd be most grateful.

Atom GPS - Auto-geotagging Software

posted 7 Aug 2010, 09:51 by Kevin Millican   [ updated 7 Aug 2010, 10:05 ]

Found a really useful piece of freeware that works well with my old Garmin Etrex Legend GPS unit.
It's called "Atom GPS" and basically it synchronises a GPS track log with a set of jpeg photos using the photos' timestamp from its EXIF data.

Works very well indeed and will apparently work with quite a few types of GPS.

See my set on Flickr

Lowestoft Journal Photo Of The Week

posted 9 Jul 2010, 02:20 by Kevin Millican

Pleased to report that one of my photos won the competition this week :-

Lowestoft Bridge and Harbour

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