About Me

Welcome to my home page. My interests include the following :-
  • My faith - Christianity.
  • My Family
  • Computing (especially programming - VBA, Paradox/OPL, PHP, RealBasic/VB, and formerly VB, QB, Psion OPL, and various languages on the Atari ST and even older computers)
  • anything to do with Science and/or Engineering, Metallurgy
  • Photography
  • Walking, sightseeing (see above).
  • Star Trek (but not to the extent of learning Klingon or anything OTT!). My favourites are in this order : TNG, Voyager, TOS, DS9
  • Films / Cinema. My favourite films are, in no particular order Bladerunner, Star Trek : First Contact, Dances with Wolves, The Last Samurai, and the latest Star Trek reboot.

I'm a Chartered Engineer, and work in the Oil & Gas industry as a Materials & Corrosion Engineer. I live in Lowestoft, England.

I am happily married to Anne who is marginally younger than me (1 month - but she constantly reminds me that I am a year older than her for the whole of that month !).