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Wireless Charging Stand (3D Printing)

I love the wireless charging on my Lumia phone but the Wireless Qi Power Charger Pad that I use is very sensitive to the absolute position of the phone on it.

So I designed a phone stand that would incorporate the charging pad:

Note that although the design looks bulky, it is actually very light and quite economical for printing because it's only printed at 10% fill:

The recess for the micro USB plug has a temporary 0.2mm thick purpose-built raft to allow supports to be incorporated without using the rendering auto-rafts. This is only attached by 0.2mm thick contacts so that it can be pushed out easily once printing is completed:

Here's a closeup of the USB access slot on the back:

The back part of the stand just slots in:

Works a treat - even when my phone is in its slimline case: